999 Letsbe Avenue

Woop woop, it’s the sound of the po-tweet


In a recent attempt to show the public exactly what police life is like, Greater Manchester Police tweeted every 999 call made for 24 hours. Over 3000 calls were made and posted online in a day-long experiment which aimed to show that the police do more than catch murderers and chase burglars. The stunt worked – it was riveting, and reading every single tweet, you really got a sense of the amount of crap the police must deal with. I’m not saying they’re perfect, but neither would anyone be when the thickest skin sacks out there are ringing the EMERGENCY services cause there’s no milk left in the fridge. It’s hardly surprising that some members of the force go looking for (and possibly creating) troublemakers when they’ve spent all day telling people that no, we don’t give lifts home to people who’ve missed the bus. Here are a few of my favourite tweets:

-Call 2737 Man refuses to leave the gym in Hazel Grove.

-Call 1634 Suspicious men carrying a snake, Bolton.

-Call 3003 Reports of four foot doll or robot on Princess Parkway near M56 – officers attend but nothing there.

-Call 1333 Reports of dustbins being moved in Droylsden.

-Call 384 Report of man holding baby over bridge – police immediately attended and it was man carrying dog that doesn’t like bridges.

-Call 3026 Suspicious man wearing cape in Bolton – police attended and no sign of man.

Jon Heder

Napoleon Dynamite is possibly the best film ever made. Soundboard! Jon Heder hasn’t really done anything of note since, but he is hilarious. Here’s a little thing with him in:

Minefest 2010

Every Chilean miner has been rescued, thank God/Buddha/Bob Marley. Now in the aftermath, the Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, has promised to introduce measures to protect the rights of workers. This has been greeted with cynicism, even by the families of the miners – “here the middle class use miners to make them rich, and at the end the miner dies sick and poor“. Here’s hoping the President uses the boost he has received from the crisis to drive through the promised reforms. All eyes on you, Sebastián.

Hipster Hitler

It’s brilliant. Take a look, and buy me a t-shirt.

In other news

-Myleene Klass – pregnant, still a twat.

-How much does does an iPhone 4 cost to make? $6.54.

-1st XI, yes please.

Here’s a bloody beautiful piece of music:

Zu wahr.


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