In the navy

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to finally end?

Mincing into a warzone near you

The days of the American Forces’ Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy look to be numbered, after the military began to accept openly gay recruits. A Californian court ruled DADT as illegal, and although the Obama administration disapproves of the methods, it is seeking to permanently end DADT. Obama doesn’t want to use the courts, and is seeking to abolish DADT via a congressional vote. It’s about time, and while this is by no means the end of DADT, it’s the beginning of.

Ultimate XI

The Guardian is running a little thinger debating the greatest ever football team. My two cents:


Zambrotta, Moore, P. Maldini, Roberto Carlos

Garrincha, Zidane, Gascoigne, Giggs

Cruyff, Pele


Is it right to laugh? You have no choice:

The Candy Tree

Tres funny:

In other news

Soft porn mourns.

-I need sleep.

-Can it you douche!

Before Madonna went bat shit crazy and started stealing Africans, she actually made good music:

I want free sushi for a year. I’m off. Goodnight y’all.


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