Inane clowns posturing

ICP – idiot cock polishers?

... or Bit Dickish Plantpots

Insane Clown Posse have slowly been gathering fans for the 20 years or so that they’ve been going. The fans, or so called ‘Juggalos’, have been shocked by the groups admission that all along they’ve been practicing Christians. After all, the lyrics haven’t always conveyed a wholly Christian message. Take ‘Mr. Happy’ (and this was the first song I picked, completely at random):

“I’ll twist and squeeze your neck like a wet noodle/ cause I’m so happy I’ll stab your ass/ and lay down next to you dead on the grass/ and sing/ ooh it feel so good every time I murder I get happy”

Now, the Posse have admitted their faith in a series of songs, including ‘Miracles’, where they declare their amazement at, above other things, magnets and giraffes. The thing is, their amazement isn’t born out of faith. It’s stupidity. Just read the linked article. They bang on about magnets and how incredible they are. It’s simple physics! But they don’t want to listen, because scientists are liars and make them pissed. What about giraffes? Evolution. The thing is, their ultra-violent lyrics are less shocking when you see how little sense they make. When you couple those lyrics with their faith, it just adds up to hypocrisy. So while Insane Clown Posse may trundle along for 20 years more, I think they may just fade into insignificance. Where they belong.

Nigel de Jong

Nigel has broken a couple of legs in his career. Does it make him an evil, killer player? No. Despite that tackle in the World Cup final, I don’t think de Jong sets out deliberately to injure players. Roy Keane has admitted he did. I think de Jong is a ball winning midfielder who makes more tackles than most in a game. His tackle on Hatem Ben Arfa that broke the latters leg was strong but fair, within the rules of the game. He won the ball first, which is the classic justification of any tackle. I do think that de Jong ‘went in hard’, and unfortunately too hard, but this witch hunt that has evolved since the Man City v Newcastle match is ridiculous. de Jong wasn’t needlessly violent, Ben Arfa was unlucky. In a contact sport, that is often the long and short of it. Marseille talking about legal action is completely fatuous. Would they give evidence against one of their own players if they were the leg breaker? Not in a million years. In professional sports, injuries happen. I’m sorry. It’s just the way it is.

And now, the brighter side of football:

And now, the ridiculous side of football (Finsbury Park Ji Sung).

Him and Her

Finishing tonight. It’s been brilliant. And I would give my left arm to live next door to Dan.

The Google blacklist

Google Instant is the next big thing, apparently. It offers results as you type! ‘Cause 1,290,000 results in 0.08 seconds isn’t quick enough. However, if you’re looking for mucky stuff, it stops you. Stuff like ‘adult’, ‘consensual intercourse’, and ‘hairy’. I thought I had a childish, smutty sense of humour! See the full list here – I learnt stuff.

In other news

-There are 62 pieces of Lego for every person on the planet.

English eccentricity at it’s best.

Christmas list, yes please.

I love Interpol:

Oi! Hands off Solemani. She’s mine. Night.


One response to “Inane clowns posturing

  1. gutted him and her is over 😦

    as for de Jong, I was angry for awhile but it was a fair tackle, and Ben Arfa was unlucky, just gutted he wont be playing the 25 games that would lead to a permanent contract at newcastle…

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