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So, 1.2 million people missed out on Olympics tickets. That’s 64% of people who applied. I know that those who missed out will get first dibs on leftover tickets, but I can’t help but feel that the critics who said the process was flawed have been proved right.

Why were people restricted to sessions? Why could I not say I’d have taken any basketball/cycling/beach volleyball ticket? If you kept the the session system, but gave an option to take any available ticket for that sport, the faff of reapplying would have been avoided for many, whilst ensuring the events sold out.

Also, would it not have been fairer to give as many people as possible at least one set of tickets? I’m sure that out of the 700,000 who did get tickets, many got multiples. Those who have five, six or seven pairs could surely have had a few less, to ensure more people got to see their preferred events.

And whilst organisers maintained there was no elitist slant to ticket allocation, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Speaking to colleagues, the three people who got tickets were all board members. The people who couldn’t afford to expose themselves to potentially thousands of pounds of tickets have seemingly missed out altogether.

Even if you did get tickets, you don’t know what for. I think the LOCOG have bagged themselves a gold medal. Shame it’s for the Gigantic Clusterfuck.


If you haven’t heard, all the Giggs’ are fucking about. ALL of them. Which makes this video even more funny:

Streetview merked

Not everyone is happy about Google Streetview. Including these two Norwegian chaps. Legends:

Streetview car driven by a giant cod

Another Streetview madman.

Two cracking goals

In other news

Best alias ever?

-5 days.

Really fun.

This at Glasto will be fucking intense:

I wish I was Josh Homme. Hero.