‘Legitimate’ idiots

Akin, Galloway: powerful men, weak minds

Hands up if you’re a fucking asshat

Todd Akin is standing for election to the US Senate. Todd Akin is looking to become one of the most powerful men in America. Todd Akin believes that women can stop themselves from becoming pregnant if they have been raped. Seriously:

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” This is what Akin says. Excuse me?

Firstly, “legitimate rape”? No, no, no. Rape is rape is rape (more on that in a second). Secondly, how fucking stupid is Akin? “The female body has was to try to shut that whole thing down” is one of the single most idiotic things that I have ever heard anyone say. I assume by “that whole thing” Akin means pregnancy. No female can choose if she becomes pregnant, and whilst there has long been a theory that rape trauma can stop pregnancy, there was also a theory once that stated the world is flat. Both are total bollocks.

Lastly, answering whether abortion in the case of rape should be legal, Akin states that the punishment should be on the rapist, and not the innocent child. I wonder how Akin feels about the victim? Carrying a rapist’s child for nine months, interrupting her life to raise it, having to see a living, breathing relic of your attacker daily? Akin seems unable to acknowledge that suffering, only able to recognise the sanctity of the unborn child.

The trauma involved for any rape victim is more than I can comprehend, and Akin seems to be in the same boat. But for crying out loud, don’t weigh into the debate unless you are informed and prepared to talk sense. Women’s bodies shutting down pregnancy is about as nonsensical as it gets.

Talking of nonsense, fucking George Galloway is full of it. Speaking about the Julian Assange affair, and the sexual charges against him, Galloway says the worst Assange is guilty of is “bad sexual etiquette”. Furthermore, Galloway said that “not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion”.

WHAT?! Etiquette? Holy fuckery. If Galloway is right then there would be carnage. “Yeah, I know we last had sex a few days ago, and you may consider it poor form, but I’m going to whack it up you anyway”. As above, rape is rape is rape.

Both men have sought to clarify their comments after furore erupted. Both men remain more powerful than their intellects deserve. Both men should go sit in a darkened room, eat some rocks and shut their ignorant cakeholes.


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