Just don’t say fuck

'The Bird'

It was the Superbowl this weekend. For those of you who don’t care for American sport, that meant nothing. For those of us who do, it was an excuse to stay up ’til the wee small hours watching men batter the shit out of each other, the most expensive ads in the world, and the infamous Half Time Show.

The Half TIme Show is like a get out of jail free card, in case the game is a bit wanky. For twelve minutes, one of the biggest performance artists in the world wows the crowd/advertises their latest album (*delete as appropriate). Some, such as Prince in 2007, are amazing. Others aren’t. Madonna did it this week, and was a bit turdy if the reactions I saw were anything to go by.

To distract everyone from her freakish, disturbing muscles, and irrelevance in 2012, Madonna was joined on stage by a veritable zeitgeist of new artists. Nicky Minaj, LMFAO and MIA performed with her, and MIA has inflamed the American sense of indecency by swearing at a camera.

Frankly speaking, I would have thought a 53 year old childsnatcher gyrating in a leotard would have been offensive enough. Apparently not, given the reaction. The NFL, and NBC who broadcast the crass digit, have sought to deflect blame on to each other, and there is even suggestion that MIA herself will be liable for any fine levied by the FCC.

Now, honestly, is it really that big a deal? The US has an incredibly twisted set of morals. Madonna was joined by LMFAO – laughing my fucking ass off in full. This inferred cuss is clearly acceptable to the NFL and NBC, but MIA’s open gesture is not.

Everyone has a right not to view material they deem vulgar. This melodrama that has followed, however, is petty and inconsequential. MIA is being crucified and it is entirely disproportionate. If she is contractually liable for any fine, it could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Seriously, chill the fuck out. If she’d have been toting a gun, fine. Flip the bird, no no no. It’s completely incongruous to me. Still love them though, mentalists.


Well, it is an attractive stick, let's be honest


So this fellow is going to try and break the sound barrier. But unlike Concorde, or ThrustSSC, Felix Baumgartner will be trying to do it in freefall from a balloon. Fucking legend. Human history is littered with these kind of mavericks, who attempt to do things the rest of us can’t even comprehend. Good luck to him. I mean it. If anything goes wrong, his blood could vapourise. And that isn’t a pretty sight, as this picture attests.

The FP

I can’t decide if this is the greatest or worst film trailer ever:

In other news

-Best shower curtain ever.

-Squash hurts.


Just a great song:

Everybody’s running, round and round in circles.


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