Suarez continued…

Liverpool and Suarez with turbo foot in mouth syndrome

"In my country, I am the victim!"

And so it rumbles on. It is now being nearly 3 months since the game at Anfield when Luis Suarez called Patrice Evra ‘negro’. Liverpool will not appeal the 8 match ban and £40,000 fine against Suarez, and had the opportunity to end the debate once and for all. Amazingly, they chose not to.

Both Liverpool and Suarez have released statements continuing to protest naive innocence. The lame defence of “In my country…” is repeated by Suarez, and he perseveres against the evidence presented. This is despite the linguistics experts stating his language would be “considered racially offensive in Uruguay and other regions in of Latin America”. “I will carry out the suspension with the resignation of someone who hasn’t done anything wrong and who feels extremely upset by the events” – these are not the words of someone showing remorse for their actions.

What annoys me the most is that there is no apology. Even if it riles too much to apologise directly to Evra, a statement could have been made thus – “Whilst I did not understand the full brevity of my words prior to this incident, I apologise if the language used caused any offence and will ensure I abide by what is culturally expected in the future”. That is nowhere near enough, but is at least something.

He couldn’t manage any apology. He is still banging on like he is the victim. Let me explain Luis. In the UK, ‘negro’ is unacceptable language. You are employed in the UK. Therefore, your language was unacceptable. End of.

Plus, the way he used the word was abhorrent. This wasn’t laughy laughy jokey jokey, negro. This was I’m going to demean you, negro. When Evra asked why Suarez kicked him, he replied “Because you are black”. When Evra asked him to say it again, Suarez said “I don’t speak to blacks”. Here, the term is clearly being used abusively – just substitute black for scum and it reads as an insult.

So Suarez shows his true colour (terrible pun, soz). And his employers have taken a totally nonsensical stance given the evidence. Liverpool say that the “accusation was ultimately unsubstantiated”. Sorry, but what but of the 115 page dossier doesn’t substantiate the charge? The language experts called were in no doubt that the manner in which the word negro was used would be offensive. If Suarez admits to using the word, and the experts deem the word offensive, then the charge is substantiated.

Throughout the case, Liverpool have targeted Evra’s credibility. It is akin to saying a drunk mugged whilst sleeping on the night bus deserved it. However, if it can be proved beyond all reasonable doubt that the robber committed the offence, then the victims have no case to answer as to their character. Evra’s evidence was found to be credible, Suarez’s wasn’t. Again, end of.

Please Luis Suarez, Liverpool – end it. Even if you can’t apologise, don’t protest. Everyone can see the evidence now, and you are the only ones seeing injustice. No more t-shirts, no more statements. Take that shred of dignity, the merest morsel you have left, and start rebuilding. God only knows, you have to start somewhere.

Baby reindeer footballing

Gangster OBE

As the New Years Honours list was released, there was ‘controversy’. An ex-gang member, Chris Preddie, was awarded an OBE. I don’t see the problem here – his youth work should be commended.

However, he is a cousin of the murderers of Damilola Taylor’s murderers. Damilola’s father stated an honour should not be given “to the cousin of the killers of my son”. I can’t claim to understand how it must feel to lose a child, but I can’t agree with Richard Taylor’s stance.

Preddie has turned his back on drug-dealing. He is helping his community. He can’t help who he is related to – in fact, he used his cousins’ conviction as a catalyst to change his ways. If anything, he should be put on a pedestal to show kids today what you can do. What a role model he is. Erm, end of.

Penis in La Redoute kids advert

Spotted it yet?

Stray peen

In other news

-Got published, bit chuffed.



A Lincolnshire boy done good:

And I (kinda) know him. SECOND HAND FAME.


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