Nothing to see here

Just fun stuff

No news. Boring as flip. Financial crisis is dull.


There is going to be a Top Gun 2. The greatest film ever is getting a sequel. YES. Here’s a reminder of why the first one is so excellent (as told by Quentin Tarantino):

Francis gets a lightsaber


Greatest tumblr ever?

Texts from Bennett


Blur are going to get an outstanding contribution to music BRIT award, and deservedly so. The rivalry with Oasis in the 90’s Britpop era probably will never be matched, and was arguably the greatest time for British music since Punk and before that, the Beatles. Their comeback shows were incredible – I was lucky enough to be at their triumphant Glastonbury set, and it was truly fantastic. Out Of Time is a beautiful song, but this sums Blur up for me perfectly:

In other news

-Couldn’t bring myself to write about guns.

-Office party tomorrow. ÜBER LASH.

-Deaf football on Saturday.

Loving this album at the moment, so mental:

Where I’m from, we see a fucking dead body every day.


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