I’m your biggest fan…

… I’ll hack your phone until you sue me

Midget photographers have it hard

So, the next round of recriminations in the phone hacking scandal have commenced. The Leveson inquiry has been hearing from all manner of celebrities, and not so celebrities. This isn’t meant to be flippant, or demeaning – some of the hackees really aren’t famous, at all. Still, they’re of interest of course, like the partner of an MP whose daughter had just died in a skydiving accident. Classy tabloids.

Or the McCanns. Yes they are famous, although not of their own volition or desire. The inquiry is to question “the culture, practices and ethics of the press”, so it feels necessary to point out what the McCanns have been accused of, by the media, since Madeleine went missing in 2007:

  • killing her
  • freezing the body
  • selling her to pay off debts

Now, from that in no way exhaustive list, whatever your views on the case, I would argue that there is very little in the way of ethics on display there.

But, maybe we’re all being unfair. Maybe Mungo has got his knickers in a twist. So I was very interested to read a riposte from a paparazzo earlier.

He states, when talking about the pictures they take, “it’s the moral decision of the newspaper editors whether they print them or not”. Be that as it may, it’s your moral decision to get out of bed in the morning and harass people. This amazed me – “you hear all these celebrities complaining about being chased, but the fact is if they don’t try and get away then photographers don’t need to chase them. Simple”. Of course! How silly of us all. What you should do is just take the harassment! Never mind how scary or intimidating it all is, just shut up and take it. Then comes the pull on the heartstrings. “The recession hasn’t helped matters… A full-time paparazzo in London is struggling to take home £2,000 a month”. My heart fucking bleeds. Those nurses with pay freezes must be thanking their lucky stars they don’t have to take pictures for a living.

Earning a wage out of this must be only for those so dead inside that they literally have no comprehension of the damage they’re doing. This culture, these practices, these morals are wrong. I hope the red-tops and those that feed them muck and grime are feeling uncomfortable. It’s about time the tables were turned, hopefully for good.

Movember fight

Structured reality

TOWIE going strong. Desperate Scousewives coming soon. Even hipsters are getting in on it. But could we not just watch actual people act? Cause the problem is, even though these situations are real, these people are crap actors. And the situations are rubbish. The programs are pretty much the very definition so bad, it’s good. Or, total turds polished. Either way, it’s carving them out a lovely career. Those fries won’t cook themselves.

My thoughts exactly

Via Ricky Gervais:

Or, failing that, the Priest could channel Jesus and bum you

In other news

Gordon Ramsey owns an old bag.


-Trying to keep up with RVP.

I rather enjoy this:

I caught a glimpse.


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