The antisecret is out

No shit

So, it was Ryan Giggs after all. In other news, bears and woods, Pope and hats, Adele and cake. He’s been shagging Imogen Thomas behind his wife’s back. And now we all conclusively know.

Of course, we all had a right to this information. I know my bed felt warmer, my toast crunchier, and my toilet paper more comforting with the knowledge of someone I have never met’s sex life safely lodged in my brain. This information was disclosed to Parliament by the MP John Hemming.

Hemming was fully aware that he was exempt from the Contempt of Court charge that could have been levied due to Parliamentary privilege. I would argue he is an attention seeker. After all, did anyone know who he was before this affair? Also, pot, kettle, black – Hemming has a love child and his wife estimates he has had around 26 affairs.

So the guy concerned is morally bankrupt, as is the elected member of Parliament who exposed him. What about the people who wanted to break the injunction – namely The Sun and Imogen Thomas? (By the way, I’m assuming she wanted to go to the papers, being named as a joint defendant in the court case with The Sun). Well, Justice Eady who issued the superinjunction in the first place and is the only person to have heard all available evidence, decided “that there was ample reason not to trust Ms. Thomas“. (Read the whole judgement – properly interesting). So she is dubious too. And The Sun? Well if you’re looking to them for guidance, you may as well give Gary Glitter a call about the babysitting.

Ryan Giggs was an idiot, and I feel sorry for his wife and family. But there was no public interest served by revealing his private life to the world. He will be remembered as a love rat by many, not as the most successful footballer of the Premiership era. It’s a shame for him, and a shame on us. But there you go. At least we had a good view from our high horses.

Giggs as I think of him:

I don’t know what this is…

…but it could be the greatest sport ever. And once again, thank you Japan:

Ian Tomlinson

The Pc who pushed Ian Tomlinson to the floor, Simon Harwood, will stand trial for manslaughter. Following on from the enquiry which found he was unlawfully killed, this was the logical step. It may have taken some time, but justice may now be served. Ian Tomlinson may have been an alcoholic, not fully in control of his actions, but Harwood should have been. The police are there to protect the populace, not bring them to harm. Hopefully, this trial will set a precedent which will ensure the police stick to that guiding principle.

Q magazine

300 issues old, largely irrelevant, but still publishers of one of my favourite pop photos ever. Hello cutie:


In other news

-No apocalypse. Yuh think?

Incredible shot.

-Yeah, that’s me in the letters section.

New Horrors. LOVE THIS BAND:

Sublime. Goodnight.


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