Slow news week more like

I won't take this lying down

Now it has claimed it’s first victim“… what, do you think, is being discussed here by the Guardian? A new designer drug? A hyper-evolved future tiger? Jordan’s muff? No. Planking. Or the Lying Down game.

It’s pretty obvious that after the Wedding and death of Osama, there is sweet f.a. to talk about. Therefore, one death while participating in a new craze is making worldwide headlines. Why, exactly? And why on Earth is the Australian Prime Minister talking about it, and not, say, RUNNING HER FUCKING COUNTRY?

Planking is a social media phenomenon, whereby one lies down in an unusual location and has their picture taken. An Australian has died attempting to do this on a seventh story balcony. Now, veritable news stories across the globe are discussing the trend, and politicians are seriously commentating on it.

But was it death by planking? Has it actually claimed a life? Is it worthy of all this debate? Well… no. The man who died had been drinking, and was in an elevated place. Simple as. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last to perish as a result of intoxication and heights. Tragedy, yes. Newsworthy? Never.

As someone who pays tax and therefore funds the BBC, I would very much like them to focus on the news, even when it’s not exactly riveting. And although I’m not Australian, I’d like to think world leaders might have slightly better things to do. People drinking, falling and dying is nothing new. Sort it out, yeah?


So, Donald Trump is not going to stand for the American presidency. After getting owned by Obama twice in recent weeks, this is hardly surprising, as he had less credibility than his ridiculous toupee. Methinks it is basically a run-off between Obama and Sarah Palin, but I hope the following video is an omen of what may happen. Liberal, intelligent reasoning from John Stewart absolutely munches right-wing fanaticism from Bill O’Reilly (cheers to dvdhth for the reference):

Bob Crow, piss off

We MIGHT get a strike free Olympics on the tube. Cheers, you twats. Why can’t you guarantee it? The Olympics is supposed to showcase Britain – how much damage might a tube strike do? It’s so counterintuitive, and popular opinion seems to be turning against Bob Crow as it is. London Underground employees have already rejected a 4% pay rise – millions of employees (myself included) got nothing or even pay cuts. So stop mugging us off and at least make the Olympics run well, even if day to day public transport is a fucking shambles.

Ming Ming

The world’s oldest panda, Ming Ming, has died. Eerily, this echoes an episode of Scrubs that is years old:

In other news

-Bloody love strawberries.

LA Noire looks really amazing. Can’t wait til payday.

-Liv just nearly burnt the flat down. AAAGH!

Love this song, and the album too. Great for running to Hackney:

I’ve never seen someone who looks like you.


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