4 more years, yeah? And get me a sandwich too.

New Yorkers at Ground Zero celebrate Bin Laden's death

Crikey. What a news weekend. After the good time feeling of the Royal Wedding (including this extraordinary picture the Beeb cobbled together), it seemed that nothing could possibly knock it off the front pages. It was the biggest media event since 9/11, until the orchestrator was got. Gee whizz.

Osama bin Laden is dead, announced to the world by Barack Obama. A while ago, I wrote that he may never be able to live up to the euphoric wave that swept him into the White House, that he was doing well but hadn’t hit a home run. Well, I was wrong. He just won EVERYTHING. If he doesn’t get 4 more years now, he’ll have seriously messed up. Like epic fail squared.

He’d already had a good weekend. This came from my good buddy, Dave, and shows Obama pretty much fisting Donald Trump:

Of course, whilst one event is historic and another fucking hilarious, neither job is over. Al-Qaeda will still plot attacks on the West, and the Republican Party, either with Trump or Sarah Palin, will still look to oust Obama in 2012. But he looks surer, stronger, and more presidential than ever before, and that can only be a good thing.

A few asides. The difference between the coverage on 9/11 and now is an illustration of how reporting the news has changed. Back then, the large networks dominated the breaking news, with only a few contributions from onlookers. With bin Laden’s death, an IT Consultant live blogged the whole event, unknowingly. It’s frankly amazing. Also, this interview with bin Laden from 1999 is remarkable, especially given the events of the next decade or so. And finally, THE most Freudian of Freudian slips:

Sarah Palin literally creamed herself seeing this

Copulate thyself

Via munkeymomo:

Even better than Cee Lo



This site is awesome. It is a design led tumblresque feed, constantly updated with cool stuff. I can’t get enough of it. This Steve Jobs iPhone case is brilliant:

"Dammit Bill, I'm not coming to Microsoft"

In other news

-Back to work, boo.

-Excited as fuck for Glasto. WOOP!

-We are NOT going down.

Am liking this a lot:

I won’t quit, ’cause I want more. Ta-ra.


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