We know you didn’t pull the trigger Sarah

… but that’s not the point

Aw yeah


Sarah Palin has been defending herself again in the wake of the Tucson shootings. Appearing on Fox News (home ground), she very quickly invoked Biblical verse, and sought to paint the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, as apolitical or even left-leaning. It’s no surprise that presenter Sean Hannity played completely into Palin’s hands – she is, after all, a paid Fox analyst. However, while she is right (for once) to say that she is not to blame for the murders that occurred, that’s really not the issue. The rhetoric used by Palin, Glenn Beck, and other rightwing commentators is violent. Palin used crosshairs on maps on her website – her defence of this was “It’s been done before”. That’s no defence! And Beck is no better. In trying to show how anti-violence he supposedly, he only succeeded in making himself look like a raging hypocrite:


Yes, resist violence, with a Glock 9mm. Brilliant.We all know you didn’t kill anyone Sarah. But violence breeds violence. Whether it’s language or actions, it’s not right. Can it douchebag.

Man code

Gay marriage

A gay couple have been awarded £1800 each after being refused a double room in a hotel in Cornwall. The case boiled down to religion vs sexuality. The hoteliers refused Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy their room on the grounds that, in their eyes, they weren’t married. They also refuse double rooms to unmarried straight couples. However, Hall and Preddy are in a civil partnership. All they want is to have the same respect offered to them as a straight married couple. They aren’t deviants – they’re people. I don’t see what religious people find so offensive. After all, straight people bum too.

Richard Bacon made a very astute point on this subject t’other day:

Take a bow

In other news

-Really interesting veggie article.

-I like 10 O’Clock Live, but I want more Brooker.

Awkward Ed Miliband moments.

This is very, very special:

I told you to be patient.


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