Football is taking itself way too seriously

FA, get over yourself

Is that it?

Ryan Babel, Liverpool’s serial bench-warmer, has been charged with improper conduct by the FA after posting the picture above on Twitter. Babel was unhappy with a decision to award a penalty ,made during his team’s FA Cup tie with Manchester United. The decision was wrong, it was terrible. And the pious FA deems the above picture enough to bring a charge forward for him to answer. It’s not even like he made this picture – as his manager Kenny Dalglish said, “he’s probably not clever enough”. Now, I accept that referees deserve respect. But the picture is puerile, poorly made, and inoffensive. Does reposting something vaguely funny really merit action? Compare it to, say, his manager’s comments – “the penalty was a joke”. Just chill out FA, have a sense of humour. You aren’t the cussing Vatican, stop acting like you are.

Let’s hope Babel reacts like Shaq if he’s fined:

Heartland Transport

I went to a really cool short film evening Saturday past. Here is one of the best. Superbly heartwarming. Click through and watch, I implore you.

HEARTLAND TRANSPORT from Cody Stokes on Vimeo.

Gabrielle Giffords

Congresswoman Giffords is critically ill in hospital. 6 people died in an attack on her, and she has had half of her brain removed to ensure she survives the brain swelling. Sarah Palin had a map on her website showing vulnerable seats, using crosshairs to pinpoint them. Giffords has spoken out against this kind of imagery, almost predicting her own fate – “when people do that, they have got to realise there are consequences to that action”. Palin may not have asked anyone to shoot Giffords, or any of the other 19 Democrats on her hitlist. But she didn’t need to, as to a mad mind, the imagery alone could be enough of a spark to violence. Here’s hoping Giffords recovers her life to some sense of normality. Here’s hoping Palin tones down the deathly metaphors. And here’s Keith Olbermann’s take on the responsibilities of politicians and the media alike. Spot on:

Why sport is great

In other news

-Still don’t know what happened.

-Brooker – “complaining about the lack of realism in EastEnders is almost on a par with threatening to sue the manufacturers of Monster Munch because their crisps don’t taste of monsters“.

-New flat – hells cussing yeah.

Brill video:

And all I got is time until the end of time.


One response to “Football is taking itself way too seriously

  1. lol. that Shaq video is well funny. You have a point, it was one thing when Kevin Pietersen slagged off the ECB on his twitter, swearing and that, but this picture is no joke that hasn’t already been around for a long time, refs in a united shirt. Having said that, could care less what happens to babel, he rich anyway.

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