Don’t ask, don’t tell

…and the reason for the meat dress

So, Lady Gaga was wearing a meat dress as a protest against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the archaic policy of the US military effectively outlawing openly gay Americans from serving in the armed forces. Whilst I don’t quite get the imagery, I admire Gaga for the protest and following video:

DADT was brought in by President Clinton in 1993 as a halfway house between no gays and openly homosexual soldiers. Since then 13,000 soldiers have been discharged due to their sexuality. Since 1993, it should’ve been totally repealed, but that was hardly going to happen with Dubya in charge. Obama needs to sort it out and go the whole hog, because gays can shoot guns, and homophobia is a bad as racism. So, thanks in part to Gaga, the ball is in Barack’s court. Your turn.

Idiot #18

Sam Allardyce, you are a dick. You couldn’t manage Manchester United, or Real Madrid, because you’re shit. You’re not ‘more suited’ to them, because you make Christopher Samba your captain. Your football teams rely mainly on primitive tactics, fouls and intimidating enforcers. If, as ludicrous as it sounds, you become England manager, ever, I’m going to follow up on my Pakistani roots (Granddad was born there). Pakistan would have more chance of winning anything than us. Fuck off, big fat talentless wank stain Sam.

Pope go home

The Pope has gone. Thank God (irony). This is what our money paid for:

Money well spent

That’s right. Spraying grass green. And since when did you need a pilgrim leader to watch a state visit? Horseshit.

Tourettes karaoke

You shouldn’t laugh, but you will:

And again:

In other news

-Going to my first North London derby. Very excited!

Republican witches.

Steve Jobs is a bit of a flange.

I love this song, especially because of the bagpipe solo:

Right. Smelly bed. Ta ra.


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