Fire bulls? Bullshit

Catalan tradition…

It's ok, it doesn't die, we just set it on fire

The Spanish are an odd breed. Good at football, bad at blonde hair. Good at food, bad at not killing stuff for sport. It’s a shame that most of the old Spanish traditions seem to involve some sort of animal getting bashed about; one day, my Basque workmate tried to explain to me some sort of donkey bungee game they play (honest). In some areas of Catalonia, they’re hoping that new anti-bullfighting laws won’t affect their fire bull runs, which involve putting burning torches on a bull’s horns and taunting it for a while. The Spanish are a good people – why do they feel the need to uphold these barbaric traditions? Yes, you may have been doing it for as long as you remember, but that doesn’t make it right. America had been segregating for ages – if they can learn, so can the Spanish. It would be refreshing if instead of whining about tradition (“We are Catalan. We want bulls”), just let it go, si?

Not guilty?

An Israeli soldier has been cleared of all charges after killing a 13 year old girl who strayed too close to an Army command post. The charges brought against him were minor (illegal use of his weapon, conduct unbecoming an officer and perverting the course of justice). This after an innocent girl was annihilated. The historic nature of the Israeli-Arab conflict is both complex and sensitive, but when 13 year old children are being eliminated in cold blood, it’s hardly surprising that Palestinians want to fight back.


I’m, once again, quite late to the party on this one, but Foals are another band who have really come up with the goods second time around, at least IMHO. Firstly The Horrors, then Noah And The Whale. I got Total Life Forever the other day, and it’s a brilliant record. With strong hints of The Cure and a freshness that elevates the songs, here is the high point – Spanish Sahara:

Pillow case stolen during break-in

No, really.

In other news

-Football Manager Handheld – yeah!

Fallout from the Beckathon.

-Levi Roots makes good tea.

I leave you with this:

“There’s a face. Now, there is a face”. Ta ra.


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