Belt-tightening eh?

Bye bye Film Council

And so, the latest victim of the recession is the UK Film Council. After supporting films like Man On Wire, In The Loop and St. Trini… This Is England, and distributing over £160m of National Lottery funding, the Council is to be axed. This is despite an estimated £5 being brought in at the box office for every £1 the Council spent. Quite how the Lottery money will be handed out now is a mystery, but with any luck great British films will still get made. Also, it’s hoped that the cuts will mean that both Danny Dyer and James Corden will never get anywhere near another cinema screen again. Here’s a taster of what we have the Film Council to thank for:

“Shut it, Love Actually!”

BBC website

Either someone posted the wrong picture, or the BBC haven’t looked up mortified in the dictionary:

An unexpected reaction to the death of JLS in a freak fondue accident

President Wyclef

In one of the more bizarre moves towards office of recent years (aside from Manny Pacquiao and Joanna Lumley) Wyclef Jean is contemplating standing for the presidency of Haiti. After the devastation that has hammered the nation, one might argue that an experienced head is needed. However, the flip side is that you could put a polished wank sock in charge of the place and it couldn’t get any worse. The corruption surrounding some of his charity work is worrisome, but if he loves his country, he should go for it! Also, the place would get a load more soulful:

Pink Panther

As if exams weren’t stressful enough, the female reproductive organs look like a big cat:

The answer is... cougar

In other news

The best goal celebration… ever.

-Ooooh, Big Brother is all kicking off. Don’t go John James!

-Harry Brown – good, but not great. Shame.

However, this came on in the credits. Fantastico:

Let the vegging continue. Adios.


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