Yup, not a hope in hell

The law’s an ass

No-one will be prosecuted in the case of Ian Tomlinson. I say this again, as it is scarcely believable – not one criminal charge, however minor, will be brought in the latest case of police brutality in the UK. On April Fools Day, 2009, Tomlinson was shoved to the floor by an officer who was concealing his identity under a balaclava. Minutes later he died. A manslaughter charge was rejected due to the two conflicting postmortems (incidentally, the pathologist who conducted the first examination is being investigated by the GMC for allegedly unsafe findings in four other postmortems). A criminal assault charge was rejected due to too much time having elapsed from the incident – a charge must be brought within six months. No misconduct charges were sought either.

The Guardian published the first video of the assault on April 7th, 2009. Why on God’s green earth did it take til now to decide on charges? There was ample evidence in the video of an assault, and I’ll bet my bollocks that if you, me, Ian Tomlinson or any other member of the public pushed over a police officer on camera, charges would be immediate. I can see why the manslaughter charge would be tough to gain a conviction for. Did Tomlinson have a pre-existing condition that contributed to his untimely death? Maybe. But to wallow about in paperwork, investigations and inquiries for over a year and then blame the fact that you’ve been sat on your hands for a criminal getting away with it? It’s inexcusable. It’s open mockery of the laws the police are supposed to uphold. It’s wrong.

Car crash TV

This is a monster of a crash:

Loving a comment left by the excellently named Wenutz – “I bet the track wasn’t the only thing with skid marks…”

Idiot #14

Emma Czikai, you halfwit bumwhiff. You went on Britain’s Got Talent, and found it thus – “This programme makes a select number of rich people very very rich on the backs of the ordinary man and woman in the street through exploitation, humiliation, degradation and a reemergence of modern-day barbarism with all its inherent cruelty”. No shit love. That is no reason for your frivolous lawsuit of £2.5m against the program. You knew what to expect when you went on the show. You weren’t very good. And yet you have the audacity to ask for £300,000 for injured feelings, and a cool £1.25m for loss of future earnings. Fuck off. You have as much talent as Jordan’s toenails. You don’t deserve £1.25, you deserve explosive diarrhea. Stop singing, stop wasting people’s time and for God’s sake, stop thinking that you’re anything more than another deluded, talentless bag of skin.

The Cove

Watched this Tuesday night:

It’s harrowing, and just as bad as the Mugabe documentary I wrote about. 23,000 dolphins are killed in Japan a year, something which I find really uncomfortable as I love dolphins and I love Japan. But despite my feelings for the country, there is absolutely no excuse for the barbaric slaughter of the dolphins in Taiji. Towards the end of the film, there is an aerial shot of the cove where the killing takes place, and the sea is completely red with blood. The dolphins aren’t even killed humanely, as one official claims. They are repeatedly stabbed with spears and left to thrash to death in the water that is saturated with their own blood. Fucked up. Needs to stop. End of.

In other news

-Brilliant story about a whale jumping on a boat. Amazing quote – “I still like whales”.

Tabloids scaremongering? Check. Video games unfairly singled out? Check. Cheap, tacky, baseless, cunty excuse for journalism? Check.

-This weekend can’t come quickly enough.

Right. Raspberries and greek yoghurt for me. NOM NOM NOM.


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