They think it’s all over

For England it was a long time ago. But even without the perennial failures with three lions on the shirt, the tournament continued. Yesterday’s final was not the festival of football that was hoped for, but it was still a good match. Just because a game all fluid passing and flicks and tricks, it doesn’t make it a bad game. Too many fans nowadays want to be seeing a Brazil/Barcelona hybrid for 90+4 minutes every match, every week, and those who don’t play football don’t understand that it’s impossible. The match was a slow build up of tension, Spain dominating and Holland breaking to almost steal it. Watching it with the Spanish in a bar in Kings Cross got me really caught up in the atmosphere, and it was bloody brilliant. The outburst of relief when Spain finally broke down the Dutch was immense, and the party in Trafalgar Square after was a corker. ¡No soy español!

What has annoyed me, apart from the criticism of the play, has been the criticism of the referee. Howard Webb had a great game, end of. Puyol did not deserve to be sent off, and neither did Nigel De Jong. I’ll admit, the tackle looks horrible:

However, any bad tackle does in slow-mo and out of context. De Jong had eyes only for the ball, and there was no malice. It was dangerous, no more. Look at these two challenges:

Red cards? No, accidents. Again, people who know the game know that these things happen. It’s a contact sport, and unfortunately that can mean pretty terrible injuries. However, the alternative is chess. I know what I’d rather have, be it as a fan or player.

RIP Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar has passed away. To many people who have never heard of him, that may not mean much. But to those who have seen American Splendor, a biographical film of his life, it’s really sad:

Harvey was an ordinary man, and was the subject of many comics that illustrated an normal existence. He was a celebration of average Joe’s all over the world. The film, which starred Paul Giamatti as Harvey as well appearances by the man himself, was incredibly successful at conveying both the relentless struggle of a man against the systems which confused him, and the warmth that he had to those who loved him. There is one lovely scene, in which the real Pekar and his friend Toby discuss Jelly Beans, that showed his character perfectly. Harvey helped find beauty in the mundane. Harvey Pekar – gone but not forgotten.

Mel Gibson – still a cunt

More Mel “You thought Fritzl was bad?” Gibson audio. Great soundbite at 1.50 – “You should just fucking smile, and blow me, because I deserve it”. The only thing he deserves is drowning in pig slurry.


I would fist Kerry Katona to fly on Concorde, or even to see it fly. It’s a technological marvel, even years after it was retired. There was a show about the 2000 crash on earlier, but far from putting me off Concorde, it reinforced my distant love for it. Couple of facts:

  1. 22.5 miles a minute.
  2. At one stage, it generated 25% of all BA’s profit. Bet they could do with that now, yeah?
  3. A great anecdote from a former pilot. Concorde was carrying the American Ryder Cup team, when one of the players attempted a putt into a cup down the length of the plane into a cup. The putt went in, taking 22 seconds to get there. Distance of the putt – 8.5 miles.

Fuck the money issues, fuck the maintenance, get the planes back in the air as a testament to human ambition. Please, anyone.

In other news

-I scored – twice.

How Spain celebrated.

-Real paella is the tits.

Right, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


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