Be a man and admit it? Ah, you’d rather not.

Idiot #10

So, the Uruguay manager Oscar Tabárez is pissed off with the British press:

“I’m embarrassed by what is being asked by the British press. That is truly shameful. They have been speculating about an action that happens on a football pitch and is dealt with in the laws of the game. It happened [to Harry Kewell] in Australia’s game with Ghana. It happened in 1990 when Uruguay played Spain and a player on the goalline blocked a shot with both hands.

“It was an instinctive act, nothing more. Suárez couldn’t have foreseen that, afterwards, Ghana would miss the penalty. Don’t talk to me about a lack of humility. The Uruguayan people bring out their collective personal strength when they have to. We are very proud, and we’re upset by this topic. We’re proud of our performances and what we’ve contributed to this World Cup. Uruguay went through the three previous games with hardly a yellow card, so please don’t tell me we’re cheats.”

This is Uruguay who’ve collected 9 yellow cards (above average) and 2 red (joint top) in the tournament. And only advanced due to a flagrant act of cheating. When those are facts, don’t say you’re “upset” by criticism of the guilty party. Especially when that party (Uruguayan beach volleyball international Luis Suarez) bragged about his intervention thus – “the Hand of God now belongs to me” and “I made the save of the tournament”. I’m glad that Uruguay have been dumped out by the Dutch. All they’ll be remembered for at this tournament will gamesmanship and Forlan (exemplary througout). Tabárez, Suarez, go home. You ARE cheats, and you won’t be missed.

Oldie but goodie

Myleene Klass

Myleene is shocked to find 6 year olds cage fighting. I think Myleene exists to be shocked. She is basically a mouthpiece for the outrage and dissent of Daily Mail reading middle England. Yeah, in America 6 year olds cage fight. In India, they have jobs. In Sudan, they may fight wars. Cage fights are not all that shocking at all. Children do judo, and fight in the playground. At least in a controlled environment they’re protected. Myleene, go home, and have a shave.’s Profound Tweets #2

Erm... that'd be finale you're after Will

In other news:

-I have new plans.

Angry bird.

-Big Pink doing it right:

Okies, off for some trad. Sup sup!


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