Give them a chance, yeah?

More World Cup

Yeah, we didn’t win again. But as I have previously said, this is what is making this World Cup really interesting. So far the only favourites to win both their matches are Brazil and Argentina. Spain and Germany have both lost, the French are all but out, and even the current world champions have the same record as England – against weaker teams. It seems to be forgotten that the US beat Spain last year and Algeria are the champions of Africa. And no-one wins anything after two games, and we can still get through the group with a win over Slovenia. So pipe down – it’s not over yet.

On a similar theme, it fucks me off no end when I hear people who have no idea spouting shit like “millionaire playboys who have no pride in the shirt”. None of the England footballers are saints. But they have set up their own charity, and in this World Cup alone will raise over £1m for good causes. This is because, since 2007, they have donated all their match fees to charity. I am not painting them as moral superheroes, and to a man they can afford to give the cash away. But it is a gesture in the right vein, and they don’t have to do it. When they wear the shirt, they do it with pride, as much as I have when I watch the team as a genuine football fan. So again – pipe down.

On a lighter note, please see this, as brought to my attention by Gareth Harper:

This is also the music to every Nickelback song ever

Also this is funny, especially the Peter Crouch description – “agitated by Franco Baldini’s morning ritual of asking: “What’s the weather like up there?” And Capello calling him “robot crisps man””.

Fox hysteria

Foxes are killing babies! Or that is what our bullshit loving media would have us believe. Yes, there have been about three attacks in recent weeks (I don’t recall any others before then). But the most recent incident is frankly preposterous. A 3 year old has been bitten after stroking/pulling a foxes tail. I feel for the fox! It’s a wild animal, and some little kid comes after his tail? I’m not surprised he bit the little fucker. Good on foxy.

Here‘s the Daily Mash take on the foxes.

Big Brother

The toff Ben is taking a beating. I feel really sorry for him! He’s just a bit too sensitive for the house. Shabby is a cockend. It’s enthralling!

Andrew W.K.

Corker of a song:

Totally agree with the sentiments of bucktoofus – “this makes me want to party till my dick shoots flames”.

Green & Blacks

Yum yum yum. Butterscotch please:

As Juliet said to Romeo - "Get inside me"

Angry camels

In other news:

-Being N-Dubz is about to start. Let’s see how vacant these asshats really are.

-Busy week.

-I want to go.

Right, N-Dubz time. Must not smash TV. Seizure later!


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