Oh no! Bono hurt his back


I think U2 are rubbish. The early years produced some great songs, like With Or Without You and Where The Streets Have No Name. But now, they’ve kind of disappeared up their own arses. The music isn’t good, and the band occupies itself building bigger and bigger stages, and not raising money for charity. While I applaud Bono for trying to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, Project (Red) spent £100 million on marketing in its first year, and raised £18 million. I mean, I’m no accountant but… just give Africa the £100 million.

And now Bono is hurt. They may have to cancel their headlining Glasto slot. I think Glasto would be all the better for it. Radiohead instead?

Playing God

A US geneticist, Craig Venter (good name), has ‘created‘ life. He and his team hope the technology could be used to create vaccines or fight pollution. But religious groups are all in a tizz, saying Venter is ‘playing God’. They say it was wrong of him to create something that wasn’t there before. One may argue that is exactly what religion has done. Is it going too far to suggest that those accusing are playing God themselves? Maybe. But I hope that this is an important step forward in science, and not held back by the naysayers.



‘Nuff said.


I had a litre bottle of this Spanish beer last night, and it ruined me.

In other news:

-The Paulo is back tomorrow. Yippee!
-I’m well excited about playing footy this weekend.
-I can’t get The xx out of my head.


I’ll buy toilet roll when you stop stealing my milk. Twats.


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